Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some things never change

First show in 15 months, and I still didn't clean my boots until 11pm the night before. I also spilled needsfoot oil on my carpet.

In general, the week leading up to our last home show was painful, and the week following was only slightly better. To summarize, we had our first, actual final review in studio for Project 1. As stated early, it was amazing, but while everyone got their reviews back this past Friday, I have nothing. My TA is about to get annoyed by me all weekend. Despite the awesome review, I only got (at max) 3 hours of sleep on Thursday night, then I had a 9am class, which was followed directly by my lesson, which was also followed directly by studio. This past Wednesday was also the due date for applications to the B.S. program at my school for which I spent Sunday morning in D.C. I basically crashed on Sunday evening after chapter meeting, and it's been a slow rebound to today.

This nation's capitol is only useful for artsy photos
But, anyways, show recap. Cause it's been a while.

Everything ran smoothly, which is a lot to ask for an IHSA show. We didn't start on time, as usual, but we still ended around 4pm. There was a looming threat of thunderstorms all day, and some ominous clouds began passing over come noon. By the time 3pm hit, the clouds parted, thunder hit, and things were halted for a bit. Otherwise, smooth sailing.

Moose on a cloudy background
I was assigned to Vic for the day, but somehow we got shorthanded with one horse, so my partner with Vic decided to take care of him while I took on Mark. I haven't dealt with Mark in well over a year, so I had no idea how cuddly he was. He's a soft mouthed horse, so he was constantly showing teeth (no aggressive, just lifting his lips) with the tongue making regular appearances. I couldn't go five minutes without a muzzle in my face or on my shoulder or teeth pressed up against my hand for amusement. Horses are weird, y'all.

He had a pretty good day and raked in a number of 2nd places for several riders. Good boy, Markus.

Once Mark was done and put away, it was pretty much my time to go. I had originally drawn Murry, but he wasn't doing well with the rain on the roof of the arena (plus thunder), so his replacement was Penny. Penny is fine, and I'd ridden her once before to school at another home show. Overall, it was a good ride. My canter transitions could have had less shoulder action, but my real fault was picking up the incorrect lead going to the right. I switched it, but it happened, and I ended up 4th.

Heels down is a concept - image by Vispera Productions
I'm kinda pissed at myself for the lead, but everything else pretty much fell into place. My nerves weren't nearly as bad as they used to be. I'm talking zero shaking, guys. None. Nadda. Zilch. The team also apparently made bank at the food booth. Horse show people really like donuts and bagels.

image by Vispera Productions


  1. Congrats on the ribbon tho!! I feel like canter transitions in the IHSA are just so hard. Those transitions in hack classes are stressful enough, and add in a strange unfamiliar horse? Yea... Wrong leads abound lol

    1. Oh believe me, I tried to prepare. It was a trot to canter transition, and I was on the long side. Ugh, why can't I just call it a counter canter and get extra points??

  2. Oh gosh I do not miss chapter meetings. So jealous that you have IHSA though!

    1. Chapter meetings would be better if my chapter president wasn't so focused on getting me more involved and vocal lol

  3. IHSA did wonders for my show nerves, glad its working at yours too!


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