Thursday, November 27, 2014

Not Wordless Wednesday cnt'd

There's more to yesterday than just that lesson. I spent the whole day at the barn, which I haven't done in a while. Miss S let me ride Molly in her last lesson, and I essentially became a textbook figure, which I love.

Molly was awesome. At first, she was her typical looky, inverted, unrelaxed self, but she settled down quickly. When she did, I got in my two-point. I stayed up until Miss S started teaching the other two. I just followed along. It was all walk and trot, then we did the line, just trotting through it, and Molly was the bomb. We also did the entire course two times. There were moments where she wasn't as laid back or where she resisted me, but it was great for the most part.

It's actually a lot better for me to ride Molly in beginner lessons. I'm not very confident on her; I'm a lot more nervous and tense on her than I am on other horses, so doing the basic stuff helps me to loosen up. It prevents me from over facing myself. When I stopped riding her, it was to the point where I would be so excited to go ride her, but, when I got on, I would freeze up. I wanted to ride, but the second I got on, I wanted off. I don't want to go back to that.

One of the girls wanted to switch onto Baby, so I got on Duke, while the girl who was on Baby before, Paige, got on Molly. I did the course with Duke. That pony requires even more leg now. Seriously, at the beginning of last year, I had him bending and responsive, and then Syd kept him good while she was riding him, but now it's just the children on him, and it's frustrating. He just doesn't even respond now. I barely got him to trot. The canter didn't happen at all.

After the lesson was finished, one of the boarders was having some issues with her horse being off, so she let me hop on her to see how the horse was moving. The horse was off in the pelvis, as suspected.

And that was the majority of my Wednesday, minus the whole standing around and freezing my feet off thing.

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  1. riding lots of horses - very fun! glad molly was good! and yea... i really can't deal with horses that require a ton of leg. maybe it's bc my mare is so hot to the touch, but i have zero strength for that lol


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