Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm worn

I'm busy, busy, busy. After (FINALLY!) getting my phone replaced and working, I was able to head to the barn today carefree. I cleaned the pasture with the intent to ride so I could try out my new saddle pad. I knew there would be lessons, and I thought Baby was going to be used, so I asked for permission to ride Chess. I was allowed.
My precious
I tacked him up in the small barn and let him munch on a bit of hay to keep his attitude about me positive. On the walk down to the indoor, I noticed that both the pad, the charm I made for his bridle, and my pants all matched. Blue polos would have really brought it all together. I got on and did some two pointing. Miss S had a lesson going on, so I stuck to the rail. When I started to trot, she noticed that Chess was off in the front. She had me work him in circles to put him back on his hind end, but I suck at doing that, and Chess's muscle is so minimal that he sucks at it too, so we spent 10-15 minutes just going around doing suckish circles, serpentines, and figure-8s, and Miss S ended up getting on him at the end of the lesson.

I decided that it would be better not to risk Chess's health considering all the lameness/offness issues he's had recently. I cooled him off, put him out, and went to grab Molly. Too bad she was being a little shit and refused to be caught, which resulted in a very angry me and then eventually ended with bribery.

I tacked her up, got on, and started walking until she calmed down, then we hopped into a trot, then some canter, then a little jump, which she refused the first time, but then she launched over it the next six or so times. The pony was good, unreasonably sassy, but good. Since I completely forgot about showing her this past season (no, seriously, I got so caught up with Baby that it completely slipped my mind), I'm probably going to ride her on lesson days. I'm not allowed to ride her unless Miss S is there, but I can just clean the pasture on Saturdays when there are lessons.
New phone's camera ain't bad
Also, a new boarder who is an eventer/Dressage rider has offered to help me out with my Dressage, which I am psyched about. Miss S was cool with it, so we might start working in two weeks or so, depending on what I'm doing when she gets to the barn. Since we've ended up having to stay home for Thanksgiving this year, I'm going to ride on Saturday and Sunday (which means videos, yay!). Baby has nothing else to do besides eat and poop. Some work time won't hurt.

After all that happened, I still had a banquet to go to tonight, my first one ever, actually. I got two thirds, one for my medal and the other for Delmarva 14-17, then I got a reserve for Junior Eq. I've settled on Junior Eq and the same medal for next year since I still qualify age wise, then I'm going to add Low Children's Medal. I'm going to try to qualify for both MHSA Regionals and MAEF next fall, but it's more likely that I'll only go to MHSA because of the cost.
Need new glasses
The year's loot
I get three days off next week for the holiday, but I still have another IEA lesson tomorrow (we couldn't go to the show because there weren't enough spots, next show is December 13th), plus a private on Monday, and the general homework and college applications to deal with. Busy, busy, busy . . .


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