Sunday, November 23, 2014

The real IEA experience

More like the real reason I should do Western Pleasure. I'd venture to say that I'm better off going slow and not jumping things.

Since we didn't go to a show today, we, instead, had a show. Miss J and Miss Jan decided to do a mock show for us. We watched all the horses get schooled first by J² and Sam. It seemed that everyone was feeling their oats today, with the exception of Twister and Leo. When it came time to draw names, I got Twister, and I thought myself to be lucky. All I had to worry about was getting her to move forward and not not duck right. Simple.

No, not simple, not simple at all. I messed up both warm-up fences because of unclear signals and bad timing. Miss J had us pick a number 1 through 20 to see who would have to do the course first. I picked 16. The number was 17. I hate the number 16 now. The only jump that really bothered me was the first one, a gray wall. Twister took it nicely. We came around and took a left turn to the bending line. The first one was nice, the second one was kind of funky. Coming out of the line, she was somewhat speedy, and we had a tight-ish turn to an oxer. A sloppy turn + a stiff body + jumping ahead = SPLAT!

Right in between the poles I went, and I brought the poles down with me. When I got up, all I was thinking about was getting back on, and one side of me thought that was the only option, but the other side was more focused on my hyperventilating that needed to be taken care of. I got back on and did the same fence again. Twister went over it, but it was a line, and I swear to all that is good and holy . . . she refused the next fence, and I had to climb back on her like an obese orangutan going up a tree. I refuse to fall off twice in a day. Twister just refuses, so I did end up falling off, again, on the last fence, but I can't even remember what the total number of refusals was. At that, Miss Jan had Sam get on the pony, and I was sent out to take a breather and get a drink (the non-alcoholic kind . . . unfortunately). Miss J was going to let me pick a different horse.

I sat down ringside and watched everyone else do their courses, and all of them got through it without any event. I guess the only gasp moment could be when Carly went to jump Sailor. Like I said, they were feeling their oats, but Carly kept her cool and got through the whole thing without missing a beat. When it came time for me to re-mount, Miss Jan asked who I wanted to get on, and I said Twister. I'm an independent equestrian. I don't need no pony deciding whether or not I get to ride it.

I was gifted with spurs for the occasion. I couldn't think of a better situation to use spurs for the first time. Plus the straps had rhinestones. They matched my half chaps. I pushed her each way with the spurs, then I got right to it. I got through the whole course with two refusals at a rather large oxer, but you get eliminated at three. I gave Twister lots of praise coming out of the last jump because you can't hate a pony. You can be highly annoyed and very stern with them, but you can't hate them. It's impossible.

After all that, we had to draw for the flat. Suddenly, my luck showed up (why do you think I have clovers all over this blog?). I got the lovely Ginger/Glitter/Matilda. My favorite saddle was on her to boot. She, too, was forward, but it was only an issue in one corner at the start of the class. For the rest of the time, she just wanted to go to the inside, so lots of inside leg, outside rein (with a little inside rein because she likes the inside rein). When Miss J placed us, I got third in the flat and an honorable mention over fences.

Now, please enjoy these .gifs of the even crazier children I ride with. They remind me that I'm the oldest.


  1. bummer about the fall(s)... but good for you for getting back on that pony and making it happen! plus - rhinestone spur straps?? awesome!

    1. Rhinestones make everything better. I couldn't have done it without the rhinestones!


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