Monday, November 17, 2014

I dare you

I do consider myself to be rather traditional when it comes to show attire. Dark coat, plain shirt, black accents, it's what I prefer. However, after being in the hunter world for so long and itching to be in the jumper one, I've come to crave the non-conservative.

Clearly, eventers know what's up. Maybe Amanda C will let me switch lives with her next year so I don't have to go through another conservative season.

Photo from
Even the Dressage ring is beginning to step way out of the box.

Animo Coat, photo from
Of course, being a fan of Style My Ride doesn't help much. Their sets are always different and flawless, and the Vincero Boot will grace my feet sometime in the distant future when I can justify having multiple pairs of tallboots that aren't for showing in.

The hunter/eq world needs to keep up with the times. I guess for bigger medals and more elite shows the traditions should certainly be kept, but what harm would a poppy red shirt do at the local level? It'd only be risky if Devon is local to you. Of course, there are sets to go with my slight rant.


  1. just saw this post - and LOVE those camel colored boots from style my ride... love love love


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