Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Itty bitty updates

As of November 7th, 2014, our new IEA team is active! Our first show will be on the 23rd of this month, which is closer than it seems, but I'm acting like it's far away, so I don't freak myself out. Since I joined this team, I've been slightly bothered by the thought that I might pick a crazy horse, or even a horse that has a bit requiring double reins cause I don't know how to use those. That is some complicated shit. We do have one horse at the barn that's super forward and requires a steady rider; I've been attempting to convince myself to try riding her. My attempts have failed, but that's okay because Corbin is cooler. I guess the day will come, eventually, when I have to place my behind on the back of a raging beast. I want to be a show jumper, after all. They don't have pleasure pony in the Olympics. Technically, I got close to that with Zoey, but she's a lot closer to the ground than your average show jumper. The fear factor isn't quite there.

I was also greeted by a very (very) nice package in the mail from Equestrian Home Accessories. I came across their site while looking for a saddle pad for a Polyvore set. I couldn't resist the Baroque saddle pads, and they had them for AP saddles. Baby is going to look so fabulous in this.

That flash power tho . . .
 This is honestly just a post to keep the flow on this blog. I have a couple of reviews coming, and I'll get on up for that new pad of mine after I use it a bit. I'm hoping to have a lesson next week with Miss S on Baby. I want to do lungeline work to aid some more with relaxing my upper body, and I want to try jumping 3'0" and do some oxers. I've just now noticed that Baby over jumps 99% of her oxers. I need to learn how to prepare for that.
This is not necessary. Photo by Tami Tritapoe

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