Sunday, November 9, 2014

Simple changes

God bless flatwork. It's so strange to think about how nutso I've become about spending enough time on flatwork. Back when I first started riding, all I wanted to do was trot. When I learned to trot, all I wanted to do was canter. When I learned to canter, all I wanted to do was jump. Now that I've learned to jump, I've come full circle. All I crave is flatwork. Sure, jumping is fun, but you're in the air for all of, what, two seconds? As they say, jumping is just Dressage with speedbumps.

I've already decided that I want to focus on Junior Equitation and the Low Children's Medal next year, and I decided (rather haphazardly) that I want to try to qualify for the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Finals. They have a class at 2'6", which is perfect, but to qualify you have to win an equitation class at 3'0". It's likely that I won't be able to try a 3'0" course until well into next year's show season, but I have until October (I think) to do qualify, so I'm not trying to rush anything.

To be honest, the more flatwork I do, the better my jumping gets. Flatwork is relaxing; jumping is stressful. Today, Baby was certainly relaxed, and I was for the most part except those damn stiff shoulders of mine. Relax, shoulders, you have nothing to worry about. I got some feedback on my last video from, and stretches were recommended to me. There was a method to Miss El's madness. I did the half-moon type stretches and the head-to-tail touches, one lap of each both ways, plus two laps of two-point both ways. My core has seen some work this weekend.

I did quite a few circles and changes of direction across the diagonal, and I also did a figure-8 two times both ways. I actually cantered today, too. Baby was fussy about her left lead, as usual, but her downward transitions didn't leave too much to be desired. I did simple changes across the diagonal, then I long trot her out and hand walked her for the cool off. It wasn't too much of a work out. She started out today not so happy in the mouth, but she was comfortable after five minutes or so. It's a good sign. I'll roll with that.
There was lipstick, I swear

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