Sunday, November 2, 2014

A winter hurricane

That's what swept through my area this weekend. Of course, it shows up on the day that I have to clean the pasture, which hasn't been done in three weeks due to the fact that my parents have been out. I barely got a third of it done, but at leas that third was done meticulously. Next week will be just as brutal.

After five hours of shoveling shit, I treated myself to a nice relaxing ride. Baby was all for it, ready to go, but not being overly excited. When I got her on the cross ties in the indoor, I realized that I forgot her bridle at the other barn. I took the run back, thinking I could trust her for two minutes by herself. When I got back, she had her butt completely pressed up against the stalls to her left, and she was trying to eat the right cross tie. Bless these creatures. I got her straightened out, tacked her up, and hopped on.

I went straight into the two-point today and did a few laps at the walk and the trot, then I went to rising trot. I did mainly circles today, and they were looking nice for the most part. I did have to remind her at times that the outside leg is not to be ignored. We changed directions across the diagonal a lot more than I usually do. I just kept it simple—minus the failed attempts at leg yielding. After that, I did some no stirrup work just at the sitting trot, then I hopped off for some pictures and a cool down.
She was calm today, despite having no other horses around and with the wind beating the crap out of the arena. She definitely didn't gape or gag or root as much as she usually does, so that's a good sign. Another plus is that these winter breeches are supah fine, and I stayed really warm during my ride. All I want are toasty thighs, and that's what I've been giving.

Critiques are certainly welcome on this video (read: please give me whatever advice you can think of, even if it doesn't have to do with horses).

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