Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just a *bit* hectic

Do you ever have those moments where you're not sure if your trainer is being passive aggressive or if they're just indifferent? I had to take two SAT subject tests today, and they ended up going over the allotted time, then I got picked up late because my dad was attempting to get something done with our boat, so my mom had to rush to come get me, and, by that time, I had missed the jumping lesson that I was supposed to be at. Plus, my phone bill hasn't been paid, and that caused issues of its own.

I apologize for sounding spoiled with my boat and cellular device; I haven't had a day this bothersome in a while. I've coped with the stress of college applications, but that was anticipated. Today was not anticipated. I did still get to ride in the 3:30 lesson with all the flat children, plus Miss Jan and three other girls who usually ride in the jumping lesson. When I got to the barn, I was a bit uneasy about this morning, and I was waiting for a scolding about how important scheduling is, but it didn't come. Still, I was suspicious.

I started out on Romeo, and he honestly didn't make my day any better. For one, he was an absolute brat when I went to catch him, and I had to deal with the rope halter, which I am still crappy at handling. I finally got him haltered and put him in a stall. For some reason, Romeo can't be brushed. He tries to kick and bite, absolutely hates it. I didn't want to saddle him entirely untouched, so I went to just wipe some debris off of his back . . . nope, not happening. He got pissy again, so I could only touch him with long intervals in between each touch. There's a sentence that would sound strange out of context.

We did two-point at the walk and trot, then rising trot, then Miss Jan, the three jumping girls, and I had to drop our stirrups. We went straight to posting trot, which is genuinely torture, and we had to do circles in every corner. I wasn't completely balanced today either. Somehow, when I got up this morning, I twisted my leg oddly while getting out of bed, and my hip has been bothering me all day. The sitting trot and canter were just completely off, and it didn't get better when we went to jump.

Romeo had not been relaxed for most of the ride. We went through a gymnastic three times, with no improvement, and he was getting even more nervous, so I had to switch horses with Miss Jan. I was kind of bummed that I couldn't get through the combination with Romeo, but the horse I switched onto, Corbin, caught my eye when I first started doing formal shows. That was two years ago. I have waited for this moment. I actually made it through the gymnastic and to the oxer without much even; he rushed the last three strides a bit, but I don't care. I fulfilled a dream. That is all that matters.

Miss J said that I could ride him again if I really wanted to (and I really wanted to). I thought about perhaps doing the Hunter Derby on him next year, but I also have this dream that my parents are going to get me horse this year (not gonna happen, but I'm allowed to be hopeful), so I'm waiting to ask.
The pain I endured to upload this photo . . .

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