Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fashion Thursday: Five Fab Crxssover Comapnies

As warmer months linger in the near future, companies are slowly starting to release their new lines of items, and because I am so obsessed with fashion, I have kept tabs on who's doing what.

Unfortunately, other aspects of life tend to be intertwined with riding, especially on the scheduling side of things. For me, riding directly after work is the most ideal situation, and there are also times when I ride right after school, or I have something to do after riding, or my parents decide that I can only ride for 20 minutes before we go get pizza. There's almost no way to avoid situations where you have to go somewhere else in your riding clothes. Now that it's getting warmer and leaving your house to socialize with other people is a reasonable thing to do, here are a couple of brands that will help you go seamlessly from the barn to the not-the-barn.

The Fab Five Equestrian Crxss Overs

1. Lesebi Jewelry║
Lesebi is a fairly new brand that proved to be a perfect accent in last week's set. While they are not an entirely equestrian oriented company, they certainly bring equine elements into their brand. Their equestrian collection utilizes horse shoe nails and crafts them into unique, edgy, and rustic accessory. Looks aside, Lesebi has made an effort to bring sustainable labor to different tribes and villages in South America through the resources used to craft their jewelry. The designs have international influence, and it shows in the diversity of the brand. Lesebi is planning an expansion of their line in the upcoming seasons. Perhaps I'll have more to go with the dress that I can't have.

Photo from Lesebi lookbook
Photo from Lesebi lookbook
2. Kathryn Lily Equestrian║
Kathryn Lily, like one of my other favorite brands, dares to be different and throws some much needed color into the hunter ring (sorry guys, but the beige and navy look is killing me). They have both long and short sleeve shirts, as well as a shirt with a roll up sleeve. The Pro Air Polo and Color Competition Shirt are my personal favorites, but the collection has a lot more to offer. For the more conservative crowd, patterned collars on white shirts offer a bit of individuality while still being orthodox.

Photo from Kathryn Lily website
Photo from Kathryn Lily website

3. GhoDho Equestrian║
I've mentioned them once (maybe more than once), and I will continue to shed light on this brand until there are no bulbs left in the world. GhoDho combines fashion, function, and affordability into breeches that make a statement both in and out of the barn. The company has expanded greatly since my last post; they have a solid team of ambassadors, including esteemed junior rider Gia Rinaldi (who can rock that up do). A little birdie told me that GhoDho is also planning on launching a line of show clothing this year. Keep those eyes peeled!

Photo from GhoDho website
4. Style My Ride's Vincero Boots║
A little while ago, Style My Ride came out with a new type of boot that crosses over more lines than one. The Vincero Boot is a custom boot made especially for Style My Ride by the De Niro Boot Co. The Vinceros all feature interchangeable tops, which means that the boot can easily go from schooling to showing to work and to clinics (personally, I like contrast, but, ya know, "image"). Vinceros have all the same custom options as De Niro boots. As a plus, De Niro boots are well known for their durability, which I find extremely important if you're going to put that much money towards a boot. High quality and high fashion are a great mix if you ask me.

Photo from Style My Ride website
Photo from De Niro Boot Co. website
5. Mango Bay Design║
Before you buy that dyed leather belt because you need a little something to brighten up your #rootd, please let Miss Pamela Garrett show you a better way to accomplish your goal. Belts are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. Mango Bay has belts in many different webbing colors . . . 20 colors, if I counted right, not including patterned belts. Needless to say, your options are endless. The prints can come in a simple chevron, equestrian prints, or more abstract designs. Mango Bay also has hand dyed scarves available, and their style works great for riding (Miss J owns the scarf look while riding).

Photo from Mango Bay's Instagram
And because no Fashion Thursday is complete without a set:

Fab Five Set

1. Kathryn Lily Adult Long Sleeve Show Shirt
2. GhoDho Pamela Breech
3. Lesebi Twin Wrap Bracelet
4. Mango Bay Orleans H/J Belt, black on purple webbing
5. De Niro Boot S36A1/GBM


  1. So many things to want! LOVE your fashion sense.

  2. ooh i like those kathryn lily shirts!

    1. They are to die for. I think I'm going to apply to be spokesmodel next year.

  3. Great set! I've been so into purple and lilac lately ...

    1. Purple is the best color. Every outfit should have purple in it.


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