Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Tomorrow will be the third consecutive day off of school because of snow, and while I appreciate more time to do the homework that was going to be due on Tuesday, I just don't want to go through another day at work (although I could use the cha ching). Seniors don't even have to make up these days at the end of the year, but I know teachers are going to pile on the work because of the curriculum and just, gah! I'm not looking forward to that.

On a good note, Miss S is planning on getting charms for all the school horse bridles (with Baby being an exception cause she's already blinged out), and I'm taking them to the community tack swap. With that being said, anything on eBay that doesn't have a bid or isn't sold by February 27th will go to the tack swap for in person sales. If you know me in person (which would be quite terrifying as this blog shows my weird sides), and you would like me to hold a charm for you to buy at the swap, just tell me at some point through some means.

I did ride Dork today, but there wasn't enough room in the schedule to take a lesson on Molly, so we're waiting until next week. We did all of the pole exercises with varied success. She was phenomenal on the curve, both trotting and cantering. She got a 9' distance in one trot stride; I felt her float.

The normal canter poles were more difficult because she desperately wanted to jump them. Shebsheb adjusted the distance for me, and Baby kind of got it, but she kept trying to leap into the first pole instead of just cantering over it. She also decided to both over jump and rush to a 6" cross bar. She's such a drama queen.


  1. lol silly girl - she's gotta show off even if it's just ground poles


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