Friday, February 27, 2015

So many "Yeesss!" moments

Because Baby is a super pon. Everyone needs to be aware of that.

Okay, not that kind of super, but you know what I mean. From Applejack2
I made an attempt to film my ride today because I wanted to post it on a forum for critique, but, apparently, when my DSLR shuts off, it stops filming, so I had less than a minute's worth of footage, and I hadn't even gotten on in that time yet, so that's that.

Baby was super duper today. I actually rode her in a bridle (because that's what we do at shows, therefore I should probably do it at home). My main focus was the flatwork aspect. She was better about going into the corners, but we had inconsistencies in pace, as well as the usual jigging and breaking into a canter at random points. I will say though there was some definite arguing today, less than usual, but proper riding shouldn't include arguments. It just makes the whole ride a lot less productive.

Fortunately, the woman that the new boarder does Dressage with is willing to come do a clinic at Miss S's place. I had almost completely committed to the place where Miss El used to work, but I heard some not so nice things about the clinician, and basic instruction isn't worth paying $90 and hauling an hour away. We don't have a date yet, so it's waiting time again.

This could be us, but I'm female
Back to today, I did some more basic pole work with Baby, just two poles raised on the ends and 9' apart. She was perfect. We walked through, sit trot through, sit trot without stirrups through, and cantered through, in both directions. Not a single foot was misplaced. I mean, sure she barreled through the gymnastics twice, but she's easy to control once she realizes that racing is not a very good option when there are many poles to maneuver over. I also did some transitions trot/canter, which were iffy for the most part, but we got a couple of good ones.

Fifi's Stubben is a much better option than Miss S's, and now that I've dropped my stirrup a hole, it's super nice to ride in. Plus, I get to keep my fancy, smancy saddle pad on it, which makes me very happy. Fabulous on every ride.


  1. Yay for Baby baby being a good girl!! I agree about the arguments thing too - I hate fighting w my mare and yet it happens ...

    1. It's the worst, but we're working through it.


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