Friday, February 20, 2015


Because I feel like I give Baby a new nickname every day, and I have no idea how you all are keeping up at this point.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Every horse seems to have at least three names: the “real” one, the barn one, and that special one. What are some of your pony’s names?

Okay, well, she's registered and shown as For Unlimited Pleasure, which will always be an awkward name no matter how you explain it. When Miss S bought her, we considered changing her name to something other than Baby because, at the time, we had two babies on the farm, and some confusion ensued.

My nicknames for her:
- Babes
- Queen B
- The Dork

And I know that there are numerous others that have come and gone, but I just can't remember them.

"My name is 'Baby', get it straight." Eh, nah.


  1. lol i kinda of love her show name - and it gives the name 'baby' a whole different shade haha

    1. Well I am never looking at her in quite the same way ever again


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