Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I plan on moving Florida when I'm older because I cannot handle this.

We got anywhere from 6" to 8" of snow last night, which means no school today (or tomorrow). I spent a couple of hours working at my mom's place, then I head over to the barn. Even though I hate snow, I think it looks super pretty, and I've been dying to get pictures in the snow. I groomed the pon and we head out.

She was mildly cooperative.

After that, I threw her in a stall in the indoor (which she did not like) so that I could set up some exercises if we actually get in a real ride this week. I'm jumping on the polework bandwagon. It looks super fun (and super difficult), but it was suggested as a way to teach her to engage her back end. I have both trot and canter poles set up, some elevated, some on the ground, plus a curve. It's gonna be fun.

I was going to putz around on her bareback, but then I decided that I was too lazy to do that, so I just lunged her, and man am I glad I did that instead. Little Miss Unfocused took off (like excuse u, no, stop, this is not what we're here for, you know manners, don't gimme this crap). She was paying attention in a couple of minutes, but gosh, she acts like she never showed on the lunge line.

I'm currently in the process of trying to get scheduled for a lesson tomorrow on Molly, but I'm trying to get that in while also getting in a good ride to work with the poles.

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  1. impressive - i couldn't even drag myself out to the barn yesterday... since it just made me sad that the weather was too craptacular for hauling anywhere and there's nowhere to ride at our barn... boo.... those ground pole exercises look super fun tho - hope you get a chance to work on them!


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