Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Dumper & The Dork

It appears that the Corbinator 4.0 has been recalled; instead, today we met Corbinator 3.5, all with sass with, like, 90% of the speed. Honestly, today on the flat was probably the laziest he's ever been, minus two spooks. The only thing he was trying hard to do was hang on me when I asked him to move faster than the pace of dying grass.

His real energy came out during the warm-up fence, which we did two or three times. Then, when we went to do a little course, he dropped back. However, I wasn't expecting that, so I didn't have much leg on. We got so deep to that fence it might as well have been poetry. He went up, I went up, he came down, I crash landed and had to pull my feet out of some tricky places. I did, however, hit my stomach fairly hard on the pommel of the saddle, which resulted in necessary deep breathing and some ab soreness. Of course, today was the day that we did heavy no stirrup work. The mid-section is on fire.

Even Gabe turns to look at our failure.
We did manage to get through a whole course, even if it wasn't equitation standard. We did another three jump course at the end, which also wasn't equitation standard, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Afterwards, we took an hour drive back to Miss S's place so I could actually do some productive work with Dork-face. She was in between forward and plodding today. I just rode her in the halter with the snap on reins, which she is more apt to lean on me in; she gets a lot lighter once she gets moving forward. She was a lot more relaxed and respecting of my inside leg, but she still wanted to jig multiple times.

Cas and Hopey were having a lesson, so I tagged along with the exercises: a fence on a circle, 3 trot poles, 3 raised trot poles, and a conservative 5/moving 4 line. There was no issue with the poles, but she did rush to the fence on the circle. The rushing is the reason why I'm trying to do more trot fences with her. She only rushed when we cantered, which means I'll probably be doing it in sets when we start and finish the jumping portion of our rides. Even though she races, she still pays attention (unlike Corbin), so it's much easier to pull her up or push her to the fence when I need to. She was perfect for the line, no bowing at all, and we jumped 2'3", which is the biggest thing we've done since November's hell storm.

Since I'm only lessoning on Baby every other week once show season comes around, I have to be riding her 3 times a week on my own by March, which sounds nice and all if I wasn't in two more school clubs, worked for my mom, and planning on doing an internship this summer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, gotta make it work.

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  1. ok that gif with corbin is priceless - hope the soreness as subsided tho!!! good luck getting all your schooling in with baby while being busy busy busy!


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