Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Product Review: Ariat Heritage Contour Boot

I have a mild obsession with Ariat as in I won't put anything else on my feet. Ariats have super duper quality at super duper prices. I wouldn't have gone with another boot when I needed up upgrade from my cheapo show boots.

Image from SmartPak Equine
Granted, I couldn't go with much else. I have a hard to fit calf. It's slightly too large for a regular width calf, but the difference is enough that a regular calf will not go up without a struggle, and it won't feel good while it's on. Fortunately, the Heritage Contours have a stretch panel. It has just the right amount of give for me. I get my zipper up without any issue, and it's a comfortable boot to ride in . . . after the break in process.

Yes, Ariats are known for taking a while to break in and stretch out. Mine were no different. It took maybe two months worth of weekly lessons and a couple of shows to fully break them in. Now that mine are well used, they are comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time (but I don't do that often because I need to keep them clean for shows).

The break in process takes forever, but I'm certain these boots will last me forever. That's another thing Ariat is known for: durability. I'm not interested in buying a boot that needs to be replaced yearly, especially if it's a show boot that's only being used once a month. I'll admit that I don't take very good care of my boots (oh smite me, I'm lazy), but these boots have survived and thrived. Like my paddock boots, the Heritage Contour has the 4LR footbed. It has served me well in all three boots.

I purchased my boots from SmartPak, but they are available from a variety of stores.

Ariat Website
Ariat on Facebook


  1. they look great - glad you love 'em!

    1. They're awesome! Ariats are the best out there!


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