Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Put your sweatpants on"

She has faith that I can watch horses school yet doubts my ability to keep a pair of pants clean. Trainers never cease to amaze me.

I had my last show before regionals today. I qualified over fences, but I can't qualify on the flat unless I get a first place at my fifth show; I decided that it wasn't worth the price because there was no guarantee. I'll save money by doing one class anyway.

I pulled Skipper over fences and Autumn on the flat. Skipper is your average Quarter Horse, laid back and prefers to not do anything. He was definitely the easier ride of the day. The crop helped. He was a little lazy during the warm-up, but after that he was great. I barely had to ask him for his simple changes because he would just respond to outside leg. I had one distance that I wasn't sure about, and I held on too tight with my thigh, but it was an okay course. I got third.

On the flat, I knew that I wasn't going to do well from the start. I missed my first diagonal, and my horse was so backed off of my leg. We broke multiple times at the canter. My sitting trot has been a hit or miss lately, and today it was a miss. I placed last.

I've been told that regionals will be at the last place we showed at, which is worrisome because that place didn't seem arty all large enough to hold that big puff a crowd. Thank God it'll be spread over two days.

Regionals Boot Camp starts this week.


  1. congrats for qualifying over fences!!! good luck prepping for regionals :)


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