Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fashion Thursday: Feeling the Floral Feels

I can feel the floral, but I can't see the floral, mainly because winter decided to come late and covered the ground with ANOTHER 4" blanket of snow. I was planning on riding today, but the temperature is too low. Plus, the wind is going to rattle the indoor, and the horses haven't had much proper turnout lately. I'd rather not take my chances with a hyper Dork.

The snow might also put a hold on mail, which means shipments won't go out as quickly. Urg, this is too frustrating! With the tack swap in two days, I think I'll spend today and tomorrow knocking out a couple more charms. Quite a few pendant have been lying dormant, and I found some cool swampy looking beads in my mom's collection. Sigma swamp charm, anyone? After the swap, I'm going to be working on a spring collection, so stay tuned.

I was starting to look forward to an IEA lesson this weekend, too, but I doubt the arena is going to be clear by Sunday. If J² is up for it, Miss S might be willing to let us use the indoor for team lessons. It'll be tight, but we haven't met in a couple of weeks, and regionals is next weekend.

Feeling the Floral Feels
1. J Crew blue checkered shirt
2. MARC by Marc Jacobs Jerrie Rose Stud
3. SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Glove
4. Barneys New York Trouser Belt
5. Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet
6. FixDesign Knitted Cotton Breeches
7. HKM Maritha Saddle Cloth
8. De Niro Lilium L503 Boot


  1. wow regionals are already here?? crazy - good luck getting ready!

    1. Thanks! There's excitement beneath the fear.


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