Saturday, June 13, 2015

A new course of action

Note To Self: Do not let barn children set up the entire jump course. Yes, they may get the striding perfect, but you're going to see some weird combinations.

I am still technically a barn child, and I did help set up that course, and I was the one to walk all the strides off (because the measuring wheel decided to just break, like, how rude can you be?). I will admit that, while I had intended on walking off horse strides, I got the pony strides. Oh well, Baby makes pony strides anyway. There was also one fence that was completely natural. The "standards" were logs sitting vertically, and then we used a plain wooden pole and added sticks as a filler. We were going to add pine needles, but, alas, everything on the outskirts of the woods is covered in poison ivy. Talk about an inconvenience.

I've ridden Chess the past two days because Baby was being used in lessons, so I was relieved to be back on her. I checked her mouth for ulcers or sharp points: zip, nothing, nada, so that has been ruled out as the cause of her mouth issue. She was actually way better today than she has been. She started out pretty annoyed but settled pretty quick; however, I will say that she was pretty uppity today, which is what she hasn't been for the past couple of months. We had some jigging (darn jig).

Otherwise, she was fairly average in our flatwork: plodding along at the trot, requiring regular half halts at the canter, jumping into the left lead, the usual. We did a cross bar as a warm up, then we did two courses, both of which were pretty solid (minus me twisting my body cause sometimes my inner show jumper comes out). It's still nerve racking to do courses, no matter the height, to the point where I got nausea just thinking about doing my second course. It'll take time, just like every other confidence issue. The blisters on my ring fingers opened up again, too, which is a bummer, but they didn't hurt nearly as much during this ride as they have been.

It wasn't a bad ride. I think maybe Baby enjoys me poking and prodding in her mouth before every ride. Whatta lovely little dork she is.

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