Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Conflicts of Contact . . . and also more phone issues

Baby is still not enjoying any kind of contact with the hand. She's been resisting my legs a lot less, which is great, and her transitions are getting more precise, but she just seems irritated by bit pressure. I thought that maybe giving her mouth a break might make a difference, so I rode her in the sidepull yesterday, but nope. She was a little bit less bothered, but once we got to work, there was barely any difference from riding in the bit. She also took a few weird steps yesterday when we went to canter to the right. I figured it was a lack of impulsion, so I pushed her forward, but she still didn't feel quite right. When I watched the video from Saturday, she didn't look any different. Her stride was the same, but she was still mouthy. I have a lesson tonight, so I'll see how she is back with a bit, but I just feel like it's going to get worse.

Other than the mouth issue, our rides have been productive and have included some more advanced pole work, including a clover on Sunday and that thing below yesterday.

She probably hates poles now.

Of course, now, the week before another show, my phone has decided to start glitching in ways that I can't ignore. It stopped sending and receiving messages, and my data, while on and available, simply will not work. I got pretty frustrated with it this morning. While the whole turn it off and turn it back on thing fixed things, I know it's only temporary. Ugh, I've gone through three phones this year. Why does technology enjoy quitting on me?

In cute news, the mini mare had her baby (finally).


  1. that pole exercise looks intense lol. cute mini baby tho!

  2. Replies
    1. I used every pole in the arena, then I asked Miss S if we could get more


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