Monday, June 29, 2015

Just another unconventional

Except this one got technical. Introducing F.O.A.L., a North American equestrian apparel company that just hit the shelves of retail stores in February of this year. From the F.O.A.L. website, "Choosing a name for F.O.A.L was easy. It is the birth child, or foal, of Arista. Arista has been developing beautiful clothes for the equestrian market for over 25 years. Like a foal, the F.O.A.L brand is full of spirit, energy and promise. And F.O.A.L is an acronym for emotions we feel every time we are with our horses: Freedom. Optimism, Adventure. Love. Every piece of clothing we launch is designed with these four words in mind."

F.O.A.L. has created a line of apparel that work with both the hunter, jumper, and schooling rings by skirting that fine line between traditional and modern. Their breeches are pretty simple with a slight twist on the knee patch shape. I'm a big fan of all the belt loops.
The shirts require a double take because, hey, look at these beauties.

This is the style that I love, one that doesn't hide the color and the patterns so easily. Of course it won't show underneath of a show coat, making it conservative enough for the equitation ring, but once that coat is off, it gives a sense of individuality. It's also something different that breaks up the constant white/beige/navy blue color scheme. It's fun, to put it into simpler terms. I'm used to shirts of this type showing up in only European stores, so it's nice to have a more local brand with cheaper shipping.
They also have a collection of schooling and relaxation items, including a pair of funky colored tights and various schooling tops for warmer weather.

And look, they even have a parka (they call it a rain jacket, but it fits the description for a parka).

Their prices are right in line with similar brands and products, so the next time you're looking to replace show items, take a look at F.O.A.L. I can't wait to see what they come up with in future seasons.

All images are from the F.O.A.L. website.

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