Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet Music

And get ready for an overload of music puns because I already have a number of them planned.

She's a 22 year old Cleveland Bay mare, somewhere in the 16-17 hand range (haven't sticked her, haven't asked), bay with not a lick of white on her. She was going to be someone's event horse, then they found another horse, so she became a fox hunter, and she was good at it. Now she'll be my eq horse. What a life.

While Miss El and Lee are away, Fifi and I were assigned to set up jumps. We just had this discussion lat week about why you shouldn't let the barn children set up jumps, but I guess some people never learn. The ring isn't super big, and we still needed space to practice movements on the quarter line, so that limited us a bit, but we got through it.
The barn owner's son came out and helped us, and it went smoothly except for when they got snippy about me having a narrow fence, and I got snippy right back because I wanted a narrow fence.

I made an attempt at having a low stress ride today, but that didn't exactly work out. She was fine to go in the ring and see all the jumps set up, no big deal about that, but then we tried to go for a trail ride, and the flies decided to be very rude. Music's issue with fly spray didn't help things at all. I was smacking flies off of her non stop. Two rides in, and I'm already killing for this horse.

I also got a nice delivery today: my own custom t-shirt! I made designs a long time ago, but I finally figured out what I wanted to do just a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the shirt was ridiculously expensive, so after I use the complimentary coupons, I'm gonna have to find someone else who can do it for a better price. There's a place at the mall that is getting screen printing soon, or at least that's what the cashier said. He was cute. I trust him.


  1. love the shirt! and skinny fences ftw lol

    1. I need you to talk some sense into Fifi. She doubts me too much lol


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