Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fashion Thursday: The Parka

Okay, this is a little bit different than my usual Fashion Thursday, but bear with me. I think it'll be interesting.
Parka (n) - par•ka /ˈpärkə/ : (as defined by Google) a large windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather
From Wikipedia, by George R. King
It goes without saying that every parka doesn't fit this definition. According to Wikipedia (this isn't a college essay, so I can use them as a source), the parka was originally created by the Caribou Inuit of northern Canada as a coat meant to protect against extreme arctic weather. I live in Maryland, so the only time I face arctic weather is when my mom puts the thermostat below 75ºF. Still, the parka has served a practical purpose for me while also being a fashion statement.

My parka is from GAP (although for a while I thought it was from Banana Republic, but I made a mistake and told a lot of people that, sorry). It's 100% cotton, and I would consider it a medium weight parka. The purple-brown color isn't my favorite, but it gets the job done. I'd say the medium weight makes it pretty versatile. Even when it's humid outside, I can use this parka to protect myself from the rain. I was able to ride in it without any issues when temperatures were in the fifties. While I know it wouldn't do much in a downpour, it's a useful outer garment, and it's adjustable and easy to layer.

OOTD 6/18/15

My OOTD, not exact, but close

If you face real arctic temperatures in your area, parkas close to the original design are available as well. Parkas can be a bit less bulky and puffy compared to a winter coat, which is important to me when riding and doing barn work. With that being said, by all means layer up when you head out to the barn, but once you start moving, a simple lined parka can act as a sufficient top layer. Emma also talked about a few upper body layers that can keep you warm in the winter.

Forever 21
TL;DR: Get yourself a parka because you deserve nice things in life.

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  1. i mean, yes now is the time of year to buy these things (woo hoo sales!).... but i may or may not be overheating a little just looking at those pictures lol


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