Friday, June 26, 2015

It's all about rhythm

Every good song is based on a solid rhythm, just like every horse's training is (should be) based on the horse's rhythm (in conjunction with relaxation). I didn't have to work much on rhythm with Baby, however the relaxation part was a fairly constant issue, rearing its ugly head almost every ride, sometimes uglier than usual. With Music, it's the opposite. She's pretty relaxed almost all the time, almost too relaxed. You know how it's important to establish a forward, marching walk in order to create an energetic trot? That only happens sometimes. Other times, we're dogging or we break gait. Fun stuff.

Nevertheless, the last two rides have been good ones. She's already gone up a girth hole; maybe now I can start using one that actually belongs to her owner rather than having to borrow. She also made it out on Wednesday with a longer workout and less sweat, though I think the cooler weather and cloud coverage made a difference. Thursday was a walk day with a short bareback ride then handwalking a bit around the track. She's in heat and an absolute hussy but she doesn't do anything mean. It's just a lot of very loud very persistent whinnying.

Little Izz is here for a couple of weeks, too, and she hung out with Fifi and me at Fifi's beach house. There's nothing quite like a good beach day, and she greatly enjoyed the barn cats.

Then she went in the water in jeans.

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  1. Music certainly has one beefy neck! glad you're having fun so far


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