Monday, January 5, 2015

And we'll do it all again

Here is the Sunday show recap.

We head out around 7:15 on Sunday morning to the second farm. It was a much warmer day, some drizzling throughout the day, but we didn't experience sub zero temperatures, so that was nice. Unfortunately, we missed about half of the schooling because we got the wrong start time, so the horse notes and warm-up were absolutely invaluable.

I pulled Charlie over fences and Cinderella for the flat, two medium ponies. Can you hear my agony?

Charlie seemed uppity from the minute he came out. He wasn't really enjoying moving off my leg, which didn't help because the indoor wasn't all that big. Fortunately, he wasn't nearly as goey in the ring as he was outside, very much a push (plus lots of clucking plus the occasional kick) ride. He went around nicely, minus one seriously cut corner. We placed second.

On the flat, Cinderella was even more ornery about my leg. We did not get into any of the corners, plus, she was tired, and I heard the wrong command over the intercom (halt, not walk), so I got a fourth.

For regionals, I'm one point away from qualifying over fences and seven away from qualifying on the flat (one non-placing really hurts ya). We'll do it all again next Sunday.


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  1. congrats on 2nd!!!! sounds like a great outing! i am also constantly mishearing commands over the PA... definitely messed up a few flat classes in that exact same way. frustrating, but not the worst thing ever. good luck qualifying!


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