Wednesday, January 7, 2015


What is your horse's absolute favorite thing? Outside of riding! Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing? What does your horse just love to have?

Baby goes crazy over anything. She loves all treats. Treats are the only incentive. She does have her favorites. At the top of the list would be carrots, then sugar cubes, then Ritz crackers, apples, and finally those generic treat pellet thingies that she gets most of the time because that's what's in the barn. Unfortunately, I have introduced her to the nicer things in life.

Gimme treat now
Outside of food, I honestly think she enjoys being obnoxious in her faces. She's a laid back type of horse, but it's never surprising to see her sticking her nose up or swinging her tongue every which way. She likes to go after the cross ties, too, and she doesn't mind being a contortionist to get at them.

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  1. omg those last three pics are too funny!! she's really very cute!


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