Saturday, January 31, 2015

Who's a good pony?

Zoey is a good pony, a great pony. Miss S got shoes on her a couple of weeks ago because her sale is imperative. We have another boarder coming in the spring, and Zoey is holding a stall without paying for it.

Now that she's actually ride-able, Cas took a couple of lessons on her, and we were going to take pictures for her ad today, but I forgot my SD card. Nonetheless, we were saved by the iPhone which takes reasonably good videos and can be used in dire situations. Miss S is trying her in a Kimberwick because she runs through her snaffle, but she kind of got more and more irritated with it as Cas continued riding. It's looking more like she doesn't like the chain rather than the bit itself. We're trying a padded chain next.

Despite Zoey's dislike for the bit, she was a super good pony and is even more relaxed since our last ride a while ago. She's slowing down a lot to fences, but she still has a good eye for her own distances. Since the bit was being bothersome, Cas finally caved to my pressuring and rode Zoey in the halter. There was no difference. She was the same horse, if not happier.

Then we switched out, and I got a bit ambitious (hahahahahahahah I'm so punny). I aimed Zoey to a little cross bar that Cas was standing by, and as I was approaching it, I dropped the reins, looked Cas in eyes, said "Swag money" with peace signs, and two-pointed. Then Zoey cut in and took another fence that I wasn't planning on jumping, but whatever. I did it two more times, one for the camera and one for Miss Terry.

She's gonna be a great pony for someone.

Zoey and Liv a while ago

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  1. hahaha 'swag money' - where's the video of THAT lol :)


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