Sunday, January 18, 2015

The real WEF experience

I got back from WEF a little while ago. We only stayed for a couple of hours, but that's what you get with non-horsey parents. I took pictures of the hunters and the jumpers all while looking for famous people to awkwardly stare at then run from when they notice me. I got to touch a(n) Hermés bridle. That was exhilarating. I also almost got run over by a lady on a golf cart. Seriously, I wish we would have rented a golf cart because that would have been nicer than walking around the majority of the property trying to find the ponies. It was a good experience (despite the fact that I saw rolkur within 30 seconds of being there).

We did get to do some shopping afterwards. My mom and I raided T J Maxx and made away with a $5 purchase cause momma knows how to use her gift cards. I only got two quarter zips—a brown short sleeve and a fuschia long sleeve. Of course I bought them with the intention of using them for riding, but I guess spending a day in 80° weather makes you forget that you live in the arctic (not really, but it feels like it). Lessons this weekend were cancelled because of the cold. Maybe everyone should move down here instead of me going back.


  1. ooh i'd love to see some of the wef pics you took! and yea, it's much too cold up here for anything exciting... boo!

    1. I just want to go back. I need the sun!


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