Saturday, January 10, 2015

But I don't wanna

Yes, it is true that I am officially done with the cold weather, but I'm not excited about driving down to Florida, never have been. I get the feeling that my parents are trying to make this a regular thing in my family as we've done it twice before in January, and we're going to the same place this time. Sneaky parents are sneaky.

The reason why I'm not excited to go is 1) I'll be missing three days of school and 2) I won't be able to go to the Expo. Angelo was going to be there. Jane Savoie was going to be there. The new boarder is going to ride Peach in a Thoroughbred challenge. I was ranting to Fifi about all this when she offered to ask Miss El to get me a lesson with a friend of hers in Wellington. This is why Fifi is perfect.

I didn't end up lunging Baby today; I was too lazy, and the new boarder was riding. I didn't want to disturb. I groomed Baby then gave her some hay to eat in the aisle, but apparently that isn't interesting enough for Queen B. When about half of the hay was finished, she walked into an empty stall looking for grain. She didn't find any yet still licked the entirety of the grain bucket. After that, she tried to walk into the tack room, only stalled by another tub that had grain dust on it. I closed the tack room door and directed Baby back to the thing that was actually given to her.

The new boarder and I continued our conversation while I made futile attempts to take a better picture of the gold snake charm. I've been meaning to get a good picture for weeks, but I always forgot until today. Maybe I can get a better picture with the bridle actually on her head.

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  1. bummer about missing the expo (i have to miss it too for far less interesting reasons ugh) - but taking a lesson in wellington would be awesome!!


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