Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Some things are just too tempting. For example, I am tempted to buy a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren "breeches" (as they are on sale right now, and my mother doesn't oppose them too much), but the issue is that they don't work for riding. I have a pair of Polo "breeches", and, while they're great for working in, they're not suitable to ride in. It's unfortunate as they have many pockets to hold my phone, treats, gloves, and such.

I used them on an even more green Zoey a few years back
I haven't ridden in the "breeches" that have caught my eye recently, but I did try them on in the store, and I knew right then that they wouldn't work out. It's unfortunate. They're cute pants, and while I wouldn't be able to wear bright orange at any barn but my own (as per trainer rules), the jay blue is appropriate for more than one situation.

If I knew how to use a sewing machine, I'd make my own breeches. Until then, I shall continue to pass over the pants and buy the shirts instead.

Perhaps maroon would be more appropriate


  1. that's a great blue!! annie's equestrienne sells breeches in a similar color - tho the cut of the full seat patch didn't work for me, maybe it'd be different for you?

    1. I have the Tiffany Blue pair. The only difference with the Annie's ones is that they have a gray patch instead of tan.


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