Friday, January 9, 2015

Current schedule updates

Well, we got booted from the show this Sunday, and it comes down to something along the lines of over booking. I'm not sure how many more shows I'll be able to do for IEA as this Sunday and a few weeks from now were supposed to get me up to the five allowed, so I'll likely end up doing two shows in February. Regionals aren't until March. I have time.

I'm heading out this weekend to clean the pasture. I know it's going to take some time, and I need to get in time at work, so I'll probably lunge Baby (if she's there, there's a show this weekend, not sure if she's being taken). Her whole rushing jumps thing needs to be settled before 6" singles move up to 3'0"+ courses. She was fine last week after we did the circle a few times, but I'd rather have her slow and paying attention from the beginning, especially in the indoor.

I have an IEA lesson on Sunday, too. I kind of want to ride Christopher Robin again, but I'm 99% sure that Miss J is putting me on Corbin (for obvious reasons). We have a meeting after our lesson to discuss who's going to be showing with J² this upcoming season. Whoop whoop. Corbin shall be packing me around 3'0".

Bridle charms should be up for purchase next week, but I'll likely be sticking to local, in person sales only because the shipping for the charms would end up being more than the charms themselves. I need to look into alternate methods that I wouldn't get in trouble for, so, if you're farther away from me, stay tuned.

Also, my first purchase from Griffinbrook was a success! It took some time to arrive due to the last few holiday items being delivered, but I'm super happy to have these new breeches for show season. I'll finally be able to sell my Tredsteps (which is unfortunate because I like them, but ordering the wrong size is an issue), along with some other items that were retired after minimal use.

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