Saturday, January 3, 2015

Those missed opportunities

We head a good two hours north to an IEA show this weekend. When we got there, They started schooling. There was a boy schooling horses this morning. He looked about 30 to me, but I didn't have my glasses this time. Mickey and I were laughing about how he looked rich - Parlantis and Tailored Sportsmans - but he was missing some (ass)ets, so I paid him no mind.

It was Jacob Pope.

It was cold as anything today. The temperature stayed around 30°F, and it was raining. Gotta say the mood as fairly miserable.

I picked a pretty black mare named Tess for over fences. She had been quite forward with everyone else, even the other girl who rode her in my class, but she settled down with me, and it was more of a push ride. The course was okay. We had pretty good distances, minus two, but my hands and legs were moving too much. I placed fifth.

I pulled a tiny, green pony named Lola for the flat. She was a bit looky and resistant to my leg. The class started out well, but, by the time we cantered to the left, I knew I'd blown the class. The right was even worse. She bucked multiple times. Needless to say, I didn't place.

After everything was over, I took my first trip the Dover Saddlery store which was somewhat awkward considering my strange loyalty to Equestrian Collections. Pictures and videos will come later. I have another show tomorrow, and this pizza is more appetizing than blogging.


  1. interesting BNR sighting at the show lol! sorry your flat draw wasn't the greatest, but the over fences mare sounds cute! congrats on 5th!

    1. Thanks! I'm on the lookout for famous people now lol


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