Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dial it down a bit, Mother Nature

Or at least add a storm to that wind. Jesus can't ascend to heaven when he's getting tossed around like a plastic bag.

idk, I'm pretty mad about this wind
I still rode outside though because I'm stubborn as a mule and refuse to believe that the changing of seasons takes time it was still warm out, and the indoor wasn't gonna be comfortable to ride in. I came up with an idea to nip the rushing in the bud. Instead of having actual jumps, I put trot and canter poles between standards. Pole work is fun for us, and jumping isn't fun when it turns into a steeple chase, so when you combine the two, the positive and the negative cancel out, and then stuff happens, right?

Eh, it kind worked. It was fine when we trotted, but trying to canter the whole thing was pushing it, so the rest of this week will be trotting courses of trot poles, with the triple being the most important element. Seriously, of all the things to rush . . .

Not feeling the ketchup and mustard look
I did reset all the fences when I was done because everything was knocked over from yesterday's wind. That's just one thing I hate looking at: a dismantled jump course. I feel unaccomplished when I look at that. It just doesn't work for me. I did what I could call a "convenient" set up. Every fence had either a few poles or two poles and a filler (with some wiggle room in there) plus a ground line. I put one pole at 3'+ and another around 2' so Miss S can just take off the top pole and have a nice, low course. When the mammoth finally stops running at everything, then we'll be able to keep that top pole on.


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  1. haha but i kinda love that yellow box! gates are nice too tho i suppose...


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