Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reversed Roles

I took a ride on the pony today. There's a show this weekend that I'm not doing, but I still need to meet some kind of ride quota, so I went out today, and I have a lesson tomorrow. Baby was being used, which means I can't get to the coop until next week. I also have a gymnastic that I want to set up, something simple. I've been watching Laine Ashker's videos on Instagram. Can you say inspired? Of course, I can't do anything big, but poles are amazing.

Simple stuff
I didn't do anything too complicated, mainly walk and trot with some canter to the right and two 8" fences. It seemed like the entire time, she was focused on everything else, looking everywhere, going in every direction . . . I couldn't have cared less. I guess it's good that I can keep myself in some kind of working state of mind while I'm on her, but, ya know, a focused horse is always a blessing.

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  1. i have a whole file or potential courses saved on my phone for sometime 'soon' lol. maybe one day?


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