Friday, April 10, 2015

To spray or not to spray?

Fly spray, that is, and not even for flies, but for some nats with nasty manners (or should I say natsy manners? ahahahaha). I'd appreciate a mass decimation of the fly/knat/tiny flying bug population, but that would cause an environmental collapse, which is not okay, so the flies can live . . . for now.

Other than some talented face rubbing whilst trotting, Baby wasn't too bothered today. The new boarder even asked if the chiro had come out because Baby was moving better, but no, just the same old. I managed to get in a good ride before a storm hit. If you ever need a method to feel hella punk rock, ride under dark storm clouds.

ROOTD 4/10/15

I rode in the small outdoor and did a few simple poles at the trot. I trot a cross bar a couple of times. There were no trot overs today, but she maitained her pace and picked up a slow canter afterwards. Still, I added a halt each time. After that, I did a couple of lead changes through canter poles, plus a halt afterwards. It would've been one time, but she didn't exactly halt afterwards, so we did it again.

Oddly enough, when we were cantering over the poles, instead of speeding up, she extended her stride and manged to not fall on the forehand anymore, or else I would've been tossed back. Just an interesting thing I noticed.

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  1. spray away without abandon- those bugs drive me nuts! (esp when they end up in my eyes.... ew)


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