Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don't let this end

I kind of just want to explode when we have rides this nice. Baby and I had a pretty serious workout today in the sidepull. I even did an extra lap of two point . . . in both directions . . . at the trot. Nothing can compare to these legs.

#rootd is pretty blue
 We did quite a bit of trot work, throwing in some trot poles, then a little walk break, then back to the trot poles. I had three going across the diagonal, then two on a corner that led into a line with another two trot poles and a crossbar at the end. I broke it up and did the corner first, then added the two, then finally the whole thing with the cross bar at the end and a halt. Perfect.

We cantered a bit after that. I did film today, but it stopped before the canter, which makes me really mad. My canter has been feeling a lot different lately, but different doesn't always mean correct, so I was trying to see what it looked like on tape. Technology is frustrating. My canter actually felt worse today than it has been feeling. Still, I would've appreciated some footage.

After doing the left lead, I did a crossbar on the diagonal to switch directions. Perfect trot over. I went into the cross bar/poles combination. Perfect. Picked up the right lead, did a lap, went over a single pole, halted. Perfect.

We messed around a bit at liberty after the ride. I got her to follow me over a crossbar, and at first she just wanted to walk over it, but the treats were convincing, so she trot over it the second time. Bless this horse.

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  1. aww sounds like Baby was i a great mood :)


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