Friday, April 3, 2015

There's no turning back

We rode outside twice this week. The jumps are (mostly) up in the big outdoor. I. Am. Ready.

And so is Baby, as I found out today. Room to move is, well, room to move, and boy did she move. Even in the indoor, she was rushing today, and there isn't any room for that. She started out pretty slow; Miss S had us do the same figure-8 from the last lesson at the trot and canter. Apparently, my canter is looking better, but it likely has to do with how relaxed I was. We cantered some poles (which is where the rushing started), then a gymnastic, which wasn't bad.

After that, we went to the outdoor and attempted a course, which required two one-rein stops. We tried it again, only a single one-rein stop, but I had to repeat two fences directly after. I think those last four fences of the second course were the only point in time where I had some sort of control.

Heavy hands returned, and blisters ensued. Everything was stiff, literally everything; I wasn't even breathing for the majority of both rounds.

She was much calmer yesterday in the big outdoor. I think when we go out there all she has on her mind is jumping, and when she has jumping on her mind, she wants to go fast. We did only flat yesterday, and it was after a trail ride of only walking (minus her jigging).

Calm pon

When I think about it, she's kind of like Corbin: laid back for the most part, but a complete lunatic on occasion. Fear not, I won't start calling her Babinator when she runs off.

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  1. haha she's just psyched to be outside again - can't blame her, i am too!!


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