Monday, April 27, 2015

Forgive me, for I have sinned

The whole equestrian trend thing is still prevalent in today's fashion, although much of it has hit the clearance rack at Polo Ralph Lauren. Of course, my mom and I had to make a stop at the outlets after my lesson (of course). I'd say I was the best dressed person in the store (complete with barn scented perfume).

I did make away with a few items: one yellow polo, one bright coral polo, . . . and a pair of jodhpur style leggings. Yes, I know I've probably broken some kind of equestrian cardinal rule, but these things are soooo comfy! The material is only slightly thinner than my TuffRiders. Aside from the fact that the knee patches are absolutely useless and kind of annoying, they'd work pretty well in the saddle. Not that I'm riding in them any time soon. Miss J would maim me. I paired them with a horse cardigan to keep up that equestrian vibe. Gotta say I was feeling pretty good today.

OOTD 4/27/15

On another note, the past couple of weeks, I've been working on a new plot, and this one is horse related. It's gonna be rather short, barely past a novella if I work it out right. I've been trying to stay away from writing about horses because 1) it often ends up being a summary of my riding career, and 2) I'm reminded of all my failed horse stories from middle school.

Just a heads up in case anyone wants to be a doll and do some editing for me. Feelers are always useful.

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  1. lol i kinda hate it when i'm out and about in real society wearing barn clothes that collectively probably cost some serious $$, and yet i still end up looking like a hobo haha


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