Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No, no, keep it simple, please

Swedish oxers and slanted verticals are not my thing, no matter how many distances Leo will take them from.

Now take into consideration that I experienced something pretty close to torture prior to jumping. I was physically done before we even cantered. As much as I'm loving the nice weather, it was pretty hot and humid on Sunday, and our lesson was at 1pm. Horses and riders all need to be getting into better shape as higher temperatures become the norm, so this lesson was a work out to say the least. We started out with our usual two-point at the walk and trot. From the very beginning, it was work. We two-pointed at the trot for 2-3 times longer than usual, then it was rising trot with circles in every corner, which also took longer, then it was back to two-point for many laps in both directions. Miss J said that Leo was moving with such little impulsion that he looked like he was dying. I think I was the more dead one of the two of us.

When we did finish the flatwork bootcamp, it was on to jumping, or should I say throw-your-body-as-far-over-the-fence-as-possible-ing. It was the same thing as the schooling on Saturday; equitation was not happening. The first course, with an accidental circle, gained an eventer-y label, while the next two lines were all about staying with the horse. Yeah, that still didn't happen. 2'6" looks a lot bigger on Leo than it does on Corbin. This jumping thing is nonsense. I am a Dressage queen at heart.

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  1. lol @ "throw-your-body-as-far-over-the-fence-as-possible-ing" - can we have a support group for this plz?


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