Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Troublesome Pantaloons

I didn't quite get the European sizing right, so my Harry's Horse breeches ended up being a bit big. It's not a super big size difference, but it's enough to bother me. After a couple of trips through the dryer, they are *almost* right. I think I'll leave them like this, though. I need some space for tucking in winter layers. The university equestrian club doesn't have an indoor ring; these pants will be an alternative to the Tredsteps.

#ROOTD still on point
Anyway, it did feel like Winter Part II today. On and off rain—and I mean on and off as in absolutely pouring and gentle mist—made for a cold, humid walk from the small barn to the indoor. I had to pull out the winter paddock boots, it was that serious. My sidepull is in and has now seen one use. Ordering different parts means that not everything was the same shade of brown . . . but Baby's brown fur is not the same brown as my skin, so I'll just use this bridle as a metaphor for our relationship.

Started out a bit hyped today, likely having to do with being in because of the rain, but I think she only jigged twice today. Whoop whoop! She settled down pretty quick and was quite lazy to trot. I got in some no stirrup and pole work (one line and an arc).

I also set up a cross bar in the center. We went over it both ways at the trot without her speeding up at all. She actually trot over it the first time, which I did not expect. It's all about the little things.

After that, it was canter work, which was okay, minus her downward transitions and my upward transitions. Shoulders back, dammit.

booty tho


  1. kinda love the noseband too - lookin good all round!

    1. That's good to hear. I was worried about the paracord, but it's nicer than I thought it would be.


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