Sunday, July 2, 2017

(Mis)Adventures in Leasing: Part 3 - The ISO

Except history doesn't always go smoothly. In fact, it rarely goes smoothly. I was so so so happy to have a horse picked out by the end of winter break, and Silver was such a good option. It was almost too good to be true.

When spring break came around, I texted Miss El asking if I could take Silver to the open schooling day at our local equestrian center. Same one that I did with Baby a couple years ago. I thought it would be useful to get out and set myself up well for show season. I got a text back with news that I did not expect at all. Silver's owner had decided to retire him and gave him away to a friend. It probably hurt even more than it should have because the week earlier, I had been rejected from the degree program that I wanted to get into. I was crushed, and the degree thing actually made me pretty depressed for a couple weeks following the decision.

They switched my decision, and now I'm in, but I can see why they said
no in the first place
Many tears later, I finally sucked up and posted an ISO, both a fake one and a real one. I got a couple bites, including Max's owner who offered the trusty gelding once more. That was also when my trainer first offered Roman, but I was worried about being able to bend and canter to the right. I kept looking, got a couple more bites, and then decided that I just wanted to keep things simple. Summer 2017 would be just like 2016, and in April I decided I would lease Max.

Unwatermarked bc I don't want to cover his perfection
In late May, I got another text from my trainer: "Have you found a horse yet?"


  1. Leasing sounds more difficult than buying!

    1. It is! The liability part is probably the most difficult though.

  2. That sucks about the degree program but I'm glad that you eventually got in. Hang in there!

    1. It actually motivated me quite a bit to work on my art, and it's getting better! It'll just take some time.


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