Saturday, July 1, 2017

(Mis)Adventures in Leasing: Part 2 - Too Much Guts, Not Enough Money

With my reality check cashed, I limited my search to horses that were relatively local and started to consider greener mounts. I could still do a $250 lease, but the concept of a free lease made wedding bells ring in my head. I also decided to take the plunge and start looking at horses for sale and see if their owners would be willing to do a lease.

Also thought about leasing Moo for a hot second but passed on that ,too
Cue Mare #1. She was for sale as a horse that was out of work, needed an intermediate rider, and could jump 3'0" when in work. Didn't sound like a bad deal. I went into this one knowing for sure that I wouldn't be doing a paid lease and would rather invest my money in lessons, chiro, and likely a different saddle for the mare. Based on videos and previous posts, I guessed that she was sensitive, and I didn't want to take any short cuts in regards to her comfort. She is still currently for sale, but she has been brought back into work. Trust me, the ad is tempting.

Mare #2 came along as I was looking for more info on Mare #1. I inquired about Mare #1 to a friend, and she gave her input then subsequently offered her horse, Mare #2. That's right guys, two mares that fell right into my lap. Mare #2 wasn't as fancy, but she had more experience, so definitely a good option.

Then, sometime in mid December, I got a text from Miss El about one of her clients wanting to lease out their gelding. She asked if I wanted to try him, and I said heck yeah, and the rest is history.

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