Monday, July 31, 2017


Since last year, I've been trying to find a running app that I like. I couldn't put anything on my phone because it had no memory, and I was limited as to what I could put on my iPod because it only has IOS 6. I guess the one perks of finally switching from Android to an iPhone is that I can actually do things with the phone. After visiting my aunt on Saturday, she recommended the Nike + Run Club. She uses it. My sister uses it. My cousin uses it. My cousin's boyfriend (who I am just now hearing about, what gives?) uses it. I probably have friends who use it, too, so I jumped on the bandwagon.

It's a bit confusing to use, not gonna lie, but I'm also an old woman when it comes to new technology. My skillset peaked with the iPod Nano and whatever TV came before HD. I figured out how to set up a regular run and took it along with me. The app works just fine behind music and updates you every mile. First mile, the app pipes up "Time, 8 minutes 45 seconds, one miles completed, average speed, 8 minutes 45 seconds."

Excuse me? What? Who? Me? Don't know her.

No, but seriously, I thought I was maybe just getting under a 10 minute mile since all my runs felt more like jogs while I was in school and when I got back. Mile two had an 8:44 average and mile 3 was 8:47. At the end of my 30 minutes, I had gone about 3.4 miles with an average 8:45 pace. Now I'm wondering if I can get it to 8:30 . . .

The floor is not being obsessed with cardio
I also decided to actually do yoga last night. I've been telling myself to do it for a month now, but I'd always default to abs instead. A couple days ago, I read a post by Jay Valentine where he said he doesn't work his abs, and that it's mostly based on diet, which is wild because this man is ripped. But I've always had kind of a backwards mindset when it came to my abs, so I'm trying to move away from focusing on them too much.


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