Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Q2 Goal Review

Held off on these until announcing the lease, but these are as of 6/30.
Improve my equitation: Huh, equitation actually got a bit worse this semester, but I feel like this was mainly due to stress. Regularly riding on 4 hours of sleep while also still having that obligation that is my education ain't the best idea.

Continue to open hip joint and soften ankle: Tbh, no, not really happening that much at the moment, but again, much of the loss of skill can be blamed on lack of sleep.

Strengthen my right side & continue to improve balance: Ya girl has been diligent. I'll actually be talking about this more in depth at a later point, but I still have some more exercises/stretches to try out.

Exercise 5 times per week: Didn't happen until I got home at the end of the semester, but I've been getting on myself. I'm back up to running 25mins consecutively without dying, and I've been pushing for 30. I also need to up my pace because I'm probably not hitting a 10min mile lol. I started working my arms again as well. I only have 5lb and 15lb weights at home, and I typically use the 15, so my endurance isn't there, but doing weighted squats/lunges helps to get me used to them. I don't put a whole lot of emphasis on building my legs so much as keeping my hips open and my tendons loose. Riding kinda takes care of the muscle element.

Ride with Miss El at least once a week when I'm home (weather/finances permitting): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Be more fluid with different tack (i.e. Dressage form vs. Hunter form): Buddy, what is "fluidity"??? It'll be something to continue working on once I get back to riding regularly, but I haven't sat in a Dressage saddle since winter break.
Qualify for Colonial Classic: Nope

Qualify for MAEF Finals: Sad nope :(

Qualify for MHSA Regional Finals: I kinda didn't really care about this one because of the three things I wanted to qualify for, this would undoubtedly take more than a day of my time, which I give to no one, but also a no

Go to Brandywine, HITS, or Upperville (only once though and preferrably Brandywine): Still a possibility, but it'll depend on how the next couple of weeks go.

Compete at First Level & begin working towards my bronze: Also still a possibility but highly dependent on the next couple weeks

Compete on Roman: This took a very sudden and aggressive turn towards pretty much going to happen
School at 3'0": I mean, if I can get it together, then yeah, possible.

Compete at 3'0": Guess who isn't about pushing green horses and possibly dying???

Compete in Ariat Adult Medal: This was, understandably, a stretch

Qualify for Ariat Medal Final: Lmao, what

Start saving for a horse of my own: Also still possible depending on how much it'll cost me to study abroad next year.

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