Monday, July 3, 2017

(Mis)Adventures in Leasing: Part 4 - Get Those Guts Again

I panicked. For absolutely no reason at all, I panicked. It wasn't even a big deal at all, and I just lost it. I quickly opened Facebook and went back to a free lease ad that I'd kept seeing since late April/early May. By the time I'd seen that ad, I already decided to lease Max, so I passed it over.

I texted my trainer back: "Max is still at the top of my list, but I have one more horse to try."

Or something along those lines. And so that's when Hanz was haphazardly slapped onto my list of possible lease horses. No one trust me with anything ever. Hanz was 20 minutes from my house at a nice facility with good training and mad potential. The owner and I went back and forth, and not gonna lie, I was difficult to talk with. Eventually, we were able to set up a date, I tried him, and it went fantastic. I also texted my trainer back about trying Roman, and that's when she brought up Vodka, too.

Hanzi featuring too short stirrups
When I went out to try Roman and Vodka, Miss El gave me the simple yet useful advice to go with my gut and pick the horse that I thought I'd get the most out of.

She really thought I was capable of making a calculated decision on my lonesome. Ha!


  1. ugh looking for horses is stressful

  2. I couldn't agree with Emma more and I am hoping the resolution is good!


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