Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Building An Empire

So, I've got just under two months to work with Roman and turn him into a fit, respectable, and more or less marketable horse.

The first part of that process will be to work off that gut because holy moly.

Trust me, he's not pregnant, just fat.

I've got quite a bit of raw potential to work with here, and fortunately it doesn't take much to make him look good. The biggest issue is him avoiding the contact which is 100% on me to correct. It manifests in either him going around like a giraffe (which I don't mind), hanging (which I don't mind too much and is the easiest to correct), or curling behind (which I H-A-T-E). I can deal with the head up or pulling, but hyperflexing makes my skin crawl, and it sucks to see him do it in the videos. Just like the other two evasions, it's my job to correct him, but ugh. I hate that it even happens.

As always, forward is still a big thing and improving balance through building both of our right sides is a major hurdle.

For myself, I just need to get it together over all. I'm quite unsteady at the moment, which makes Roman unsteady as well, so I need to remember to hold myself up and think about my position in order to make our rides easier and more productive. Again, it's amazing what happens when I hold myself accountable. I'd like to get my lower leg softer, my knee more open, and my upper body more consistent overall. Shoulders back, elbows bent and in, chin up.

Artsy & Floaty
Fun things to do in order to situate all of this out: sitting trot, no stirrup work, poles, coming off the rail, like, all the time.

We can do it, buddy.

Shared space apparently


  1. Those photos with the sky are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Perks of being forced to ride closer to sunset because it's way too hot out :P

  2. Ughh preaching to the choir about the curling. Rio does it SO bad sometimes. I have the softest bit with one if the center lozenge things, and I can barely touch the inside rein when tracking rein and he drops behind and curls if I don't have good compulsion. Drives me BAT SHIT. Like if you didn't know you'd probably think I'm super heavy handed with a twisted wire or something. Ugh. #feelyou. -Kelly @ hunkyhanoverian

    1. Roman is the exact same. Simple loose ring with a lozenge. No flash or nothing, just a basic cavesson. Fortunately, the better I get, the better he gets, but eek I'd hate for someone to think I'm okay with rolkur :$


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