Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Interrupting your regularly scheduled leasing complaints

Just popping in to wish my American readers a Happy Fourth and to remind my British readers that America won!!

me @ my tinder matches
Jk, I love all of you equally. Even though the U.S. is currently in quite the rut, there are always plenty of things to be patriotic about. Such as McDonald's every day breakfast which apparently didn't reach Canada until March. Quick shout out to the journalists, bloggers, and news casters who continue to go into work everyday despite all the "negative press"!

Politics over, on to ponies. Redbubble has 20% off sitewide with code FREEDOM20. Usually they only have apparel sales, so this is a nice surprise, and yes I'm getting another journal. I haven't posted much of my art on here lately, but I'll be honest, it's mostly not horse related.

Such as these marbles that became more aggressive as I continued to make them . . .



Naturally, marble ponies were next:

I also made the things below as progress for the above design. They're not for sale unless some is just dying to have vague line art. Other than that, I'm in the process of finding base images to use for more marble pieces.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, and if the Fourth of July means nothing to you, I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay tuned for tomorrow's wrap up of my leasing (mis)adventures!

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