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We're getting there . . . kinda.

Well, my 2013 show season basically went down the toilet since Miss S's schedule just got busier and busier as the summer went on. I'm kinda bummed since I only got to ride at 2 shows, but I'm kinda happy because my pictures are (for the most part) way better than last year. The jumping ones are the most notable. My timing has gotten so much better, although I still appreciate a nice landing shot. Anyway, since I'm basically done showing seriously for this year, I decided that it was time to get ready for next year, and I'm glad to have a slightly early start. Preparation time is a huge thing for me. In most aspects of my life, I am a procrastinator, but when it comes to riding and my future plans, I need to prepare thoroughly. Miss S wants to do a winter series this year, and I'm going to do a couple of the shows on Molly and Baby, but not a whole lot. I need to be saving up for the summer. The first show is in September, but I'm not doing anything but les

How am I not dead?

Or at least keeled over in pain. However long ago, my Thursday lesson with Miss S got moved to a sunny, humid, Saturday morning. Did I mention it was humid? Oh yes, the joys of living on the Eastern Shore include feeling like you're standing in a pot of boiling mist every time you step out of your house. It had rained on Thursday and Friday, and the big arena was too soaked and grassy to ride in, so the lesson took place in the smaller of the outdoor rings. The schedule change also meant that all but two riders out of my normal lesson group had to skip this lesson. So, it was just me, Cas, and Miss S on a friend's horse. Ever since my last lesson, I had been dying to ride bareback. I don't really know why I had such a strong desire to do so. I love bareback and all, but an entire lesson with walk, trot, canter, and jumping was just short of suicide for my legs. Despite having thought about the pain I would have to endure, I left my saddle in the tackroom anyway. I made