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Fashion Thursday: Black & Blue

1. Jack Wills Highmoor Shirt     no longer available 2. J Crew Houndstooth Sweatshirt     no longer available 3. HKM Belmtex Full Seat Breeches

There was no physics lab

I'm so upset. I did my lab report early. I showed up early.

A Day in the Life: Architecture Student Edition

School has tragically (more or less) taken over my life, BUT the whole point of this blog is to document my journey as an equestrian, and my school commitments limit my riding time, therefore they are relevant. I designed this God awful building & I have no shame Background Info: So, for one of my classes, we have an assignment that requires us to make a handful of site visits in DC and draw buildings/monuments/public spaces in various scale types. We were given this assignment on the first day of class. It is due on October 28th. Naturally, most people have procrastinated (except Ian because, well, he's Ian). Contrary to my nature, I only procrastinated a little bit, but not as much as some people. I don't have class until late on Wednesdays, so I took a trip to DC today in order to knock out some drawings and take a couple pictures. I had a friend tag along, too, so the whole experience was guaranteed to be interesting. It did lead to a pretty exciting snap story

Anotha' one

I just can't stay away from grey geldings. image from Pinterest Yesterday was my first time riding Ajax. He's basically Max but scaled up a bit, like 1 to 2 hands. For such a chunk of a horse, he actually didn't feel that huge. Sure, my hips complained a bit, but otherwise, we were good. He's a slow, plodding, smooth ride. His head got in my face a couple of times, which is the exact opposite of rootin' tootin' Oscar. So yeah, everything from the last month did not apply here. Besides my bad habits, of course. I will say that I 100% did look up through my canter transitions. We also made it through a gymnastic, which has always proven to be difficult for me on literally any horse except Baby. Even on Baby, it was often questionable. Otherwise, the big things were keeping my fingers closed, picking my hands up, and keeping my leg under me when jumping.

Another Big Gray Gelding

We'll call this one Moose. As aforementioned, Oscar has been my main squeeze for the past two lessons. I've been starting to figure him out more, but he makes my bad habits waaayyy more obvious. Thanks for nothing, horse. October 1st After not riding the previous week due to other obligations, I was just thrilled to have a complete flatwork drilling ride. Can you taste the sarcasm? Because I can. Lots of no stirrup work, transitions, some counter canter, and, of course, swapping horses. I ended up on Penny and Linus as well, but most of the ride was spent on Oscar. It was my first ride in the new saddle, and, not gonna lie, I had some reservations about it. Listen, friends, if you buy a CC saddle, expect a CC saddle. I also have to wrap my stirrup leathers because apparently 18 year olds can't have normal length legs. Final point of complaint: it squeaked. It squeaked so much. I have gone through one round of needsfoot oil, and round two is happening today.

Imagine college, but easier

It actually does exist, and it's called "freshman year" if you're an architecture student. It was so easy last semester to get into a posting routine. I was basically going for every other day, but the past month and a half, I've just been asking myself "When are you gonna get around to updating that blog of yours?" Well, today is the day. Me, constantly - image from WRAL Sports Fan It's been busy, to put things lightly. 17 credits was a breeze a year ago, especially considering the fact that I had two joke classes that I had to get out of the way. This year? Nope. Nada. Not a chance. I wish I could say that physics is my joke class, but then I'd have to know what I was doing. Which I don't. The remaining 14 credits include one course for my honors certificate and then four architecture specific courses. I assure you, I'm learning things. My hand drawing has improved by miles, too. I'm just stretched a bit thin, and some profess