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In Due Time

After my last off property lesson, Trainer G and I chatted about what her goals are for me. She explained that when I was riding Blackjack, he didn't engage himself as much as when my co-leasee was riding. In response, I let her know that I, uhh, like, never jump him. It was like a light bulb went off for both of us. I don't really jump Blackjack because I know he gets used in lessons, and I've grown much more concerned with my horse's comfort and longevity as of late. She was grateful for my caution but assured that his lessons are light enough that I don't have to worry about over jumping him. She also really really wants to see my do a hunter derby with him. Like, she's fully visualizing it into existence. Never had a trainer straight up manifest for me, haha, but it's appreciated. With that, we scheduled a lesson for the following Saturday to specifically gain some miles together over fences. Saturday came along, and good lord, it was a tense morning. Sp

Let's talk about my back again

When I was in the process of moving to Florida, I told myself that I wasn't going to do any horse shows. I Was so certain about it that I left all of my show gear in Maryland and didn't think twice about it. Now . . . here we are. Shout out to my girlfriend for the wonderful pictures <3 I haven't quite started a "show season" yet. And, honestly, the one or two shows I do this year can't qualify as an actual show season. What I have done is 1) buy an entire show outfit and 2) go schooling at the show grounds. This has been a long time coming for me. I was actually supposed to go schooling last fall with Lucie, but Trainer G got tied up and had to cancel. After that, we just never really got around to it, even though I did genuinely want to take Lucie to a show. For now, I'm interested in showing for myself. Getting back into the equitation ring has been a goal for several years now, and I'm itching to finally go around a 2'6" course like it&


In the spirit of my last post, it's time to make some strategic updates. I've had it on my goals list for the past two years or so to upgrade my riding gear. Fortunately, 2020 actually saw some improvements including a new half pad that I genuinely love and the Bobby's Tack breastplate. Btw, for inquiring minds, the LeMiuex boots just arrived back at Riding Warehouse and shipped to me this week. Mind you, I ordered them on November 30, and it is now the beginning of February. I came very close to getting these Harry's Horse boots to use in the meantime. With the possibility of showing in the near future, I have also been looking for a new show habit. After combing through eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and several online tack shops, I have almost everything. The remaining piece is a new helmet. I've had my Ovation Sync Helmet for years . It was purchased along with my original equitation show gear back in 2014. It has also seen a head first fall . . . back in 2016 . .

Vlog #33: December 2020

  Song: "When Will I See You Again" by Shakka (Amtrac Remix)